There is a minimum order quantity of 5 pieces per order (4 pieces for the XL and 360). Wobbels are shipped in a box of 5 pieces so for the most economic means of transport it's advised to order in multiples of 5 (4 pieces for the XL and 360). Wobbel360's and other Wobbels can't be mixed to make multiples of 4 or 5 pieces.

For orders larger than € 2,500 excluding VAT, shipping is free within the EU. 

Prices are without tax and transport costs. Prices and assortment may be subject to change. 
Wobbels aren't shipped with individual packaging. Fitting boxes can be ordered from the webshop for free (excluding shipping costs) in multiples of 4 or 5. The Wobbel 360 models are an exception to this. These are sent including an individual box.

Especially the Wobbel Starters, XL and our Pros frequently have a different and longer delivery time. When ordering a mix of Wobbels, our standard procedure is that we ship in full packages */ **. When you order a mix in terms of delivery times, we can ship in partial shipments as long as we are able to ship full packages, otherwise the Wobbels will be sent as soon as this is the case ***. If you wish to receive partial shipments in not fully filled packages, this may affect the shipping costs that you have to pay.

Ordering in multiples of 4 or 5 per type, depending on type, and delivery time minimizes shipping costs.

* A full package consists of 4 pieces for the XL and 360 and 5 pieces for the Original, Pro and Starter

** In terms of packaging, Wobbel 360’s can’t be mixed with the other Wobbels.

*** For orders over € 2,500 where free shipping is applicable, transport by pallet is assumed as standard. If partial shipments are desired, shipping costs may still be charged.

Under the 'shop' menu product categories can be displayed by category.
Choose the felt colour from the drop down menu.

For EU stores, in the shopping basket, please fill in your zipcode and country to get the right shipping rates. Also, if you have filled in your VAT and Chamber of Commerce number with registration, the VAT will be shifted.

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